Keep Smiling With Composite Tooth Fillings in Broken Arrow, OK

No one wants cavities. Even so, 92 percent of adults in the US will have at least one during their lives. If you are in the majority who needs tooth fillings, you should get one that:

  • Restores the function of your tooth
  • Protects against further decay
  • Restores the natural appearance of your tooth

You can get fillings with all these features at LakeCrest Dental in Broken Arrow, OK. Just call 918-205-4492 for an appointment. If you are among the lucky 8 percent, keep doing what you should to stay free from decay, including visiting us for regular dental cleanings and exams.

See the Difference With Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you already have a cavity, then you can and should fix the problem. Our white fillings can do all the things that metal fillings do without affecting your natural smile. Tooth-colored fillings use the same resin that we use for our tooth bonding. While bonding is done for cosmetic reasons, fillings are part of our restorative dentistry. Getting a filling also can stop the tooth sensitivity or pain you may feel because of decay.

When hardened and polished, our composite fillings blend in seamlessly with your real teeth. Amalgam fillings (made with mercury and other metals) can stand out and become just as distracting as the decay on your tooth once was.

Fix Your Decayed Tooth Today

Cavities aren’t fun for anyone. If they aren’t treated, they can cause discoloration, which can leave you feeling self-conscious about smiling. They also can lead to painful infections, which may require root canals or tooth removal.

That’s why it’s better to do something about your decay as soon as you realize you have it. That should include calling 918-205-4492 to make an appointment with our team at LakeCrest Dental. We are happy to give you natural-looking tooth fillings in Broken Arrow, OK.

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