Reverse Dental Damage With a Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Broken Arrow, OK

If you’ve lost most or all of your teeth, you know how much has changed – and not for the better. Talk to your dentist about a full-mouth reconstruction in Broken Arrow that will restore your smile’s functionality and appearance. Working closely with you, we’ll create a comprehensive plan that will suit your lifestyle and your budget.
Your dental rehabilitation will go smoothly, thanks to:

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Make Dental Implants Part of Your Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Dental implants are often a great choice for a full-mouth rehabilitation because they look, feel, and function so much like your natural teeth. Fortunately, your experienced implant dentist has years of special training and hands-on experience. Using implants, you can replace anywhere from one tooth to a whole mouthful.

You can restore implants with:

  • Dental crowns, to replace a single tooth
  • Dental bridges, to replace multiple missing teeth
  • Dentures, to replace all of the teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw

We even offer mini dental implants, which can be an option even if you’ve been told your jaw is too thin for implants!

You Can Still Smile Confidently With Other Restorative Dental Options

Dental implants aren’t the right choice for everyone. However, you have plenty of choices for dental restorations without implants:

  • Fixed dental bridges that can be attached to natural teeth or implants
  • Traditional dentures, full or partial, and even temporary dentures you can wear while your mouth heals from an extraction
  • Dental crowns, which can often repair badly damaged teeth so you won’t lose them

To speak to us about a full-mouth reconstruction in Broken Arrow, call 918-205-4492. You can also make an appointment online. Our dental office is especially convenient for ZIP codes 74011, 74012, 74014, 74133, 74136, 74429, 74105, 74132, 74134, and 74063.