Treat Painful Problems With Urgent Dental Care in Northeastern OK

If you’re in pain, you want fast relief. Urgent dental care in Northeastern OK is a priority at all of our LakeCrest Dental locations. Whether you’re in Broken Arrow, Claremore, Owasso, or Sand Springs, our Oklahoma dentists will treat you within 24 hours. We even see existing patients outside of our regular business hours.

In addition to speedy appointments, we offer:

  • Compassionate dentists and staff, all of whom have experience handling emergencies
  • Restorative dentistry procedures to repair all kinds of dental damage
  • Amenities like blankets and pillows that are comforting any time, but especially in emergencies
  • Safe dental sedation to soothe even the most nervous patients

Experienced a dental emergency? There’s no need to panic! Call the LakeCrest Dental location that is closest to you: Broken Arrow, OK at 918-205-4492; Claremore, OK at 918-921-9583; Sand Springs, OK at 918-205-4386; or Owasso, OK at 918-347-1126.

Fix Dental Damage With Restorative Dentistry & Stay Worry-Free With Sedation

No matter which location you visit, our dentists use the latest technology, like our handheld digital X-ray machine, to quickly diagnose your problem. Then they’ll likely use one of the following procedures to get you out of pain:

  • A tooth filling to remove decay and repair a cavity
  • A dental crown to mend a broken or cracked tooth or fix cavities too large for a filling
  • A root canal to remove infection from the center of your tooth
  • Tooth extraction to remove a tooth that is too damaged to repair

It can be especially difficult to relax when you’re receiving emergency dental care. Fortunately, we make it easier by giving you a choice of different kinds of sedation: inhaled sedation or “laughing gas,” which takes effect quickly and wears off quickly too, and oral sedation for a deeper level of relaxation.

If you need urgent dental care in Northeastern OK, call LakeCrest Dental ASAP: