Pro Whitening Can Change Your Smile From Uninspiring to Dazzling

Chances are it wasn’t a wonderful experience if you’ve attempted drugstore whitening solutions. With lightweight trays or unpleasant strips, they aren’t foolproof. In addition, the results typically aren’t even that obvious.

Do not allow that past experience to keep you from trying professional whitening. Our bleaching treatments are:

  • Developed to Be Stronger – Consumer whitening treatments have a greater portion of “fillers” to maintain them shelf stable. Our bleaching solutions have more active ingredients, so they do a much better job.
  • Easy to Apply – Forget about irritating strips! You’ll have a much easier time getting complete coverage with our whitening services.
  • More Accommodating – You can choose an in-office care for the fastest outcomes or home treatments for the comfort of whitening whenever you ‘d like.
  • Backed by Your Dental Staff – If you face any issues, our professionals are ready to help! You’ll get faster and more full explanations from us than from an online FAQ or item insert.

Your Smile Is in Good Hands With Our Team

In addition to bleaching, you can enhance your smile with additional aesthetic dentistry therapies like teeth veneers, teeth contouring, and tooth bonding.

You’ll find various other solutions to keep your smile feeling and looking good, such as:

  • General Dentistry – Before you enhance your smile with whitening and other cosmetic solutions, you need to begin with healthy teeth. Visit us on a regular basis for cleanings and examinations to maintain your smile in terrific shape.
  • Restorative Dental Care – Oral damage happens. We can fix it with restorative dentistry care like fillings and crowns when it does. If you’ve lost teeth, we can replace them with dental bridges, dentures, or implants.
  • Dental Implants – Unlike alternative teeth replacements, implants keep the bone in your jaw intact and healthy.
  • Dental Surgery – There’s no need to see an outside specialist considering that we can remove troublesome teeth and perform other treatments like sinus lifts and ridge augmentation to keep your dental health.

For teeth whitening in New Tulsa, OK or additional smile solutions, call LakeCrest Dental today at 918-205-4492 or contact us online.