Leave Dental Stress Behind With Sedation Options in Claremore, OK

Some people get nervous every time they go to the dentist. Others are fine for routine appointments but feel stressed if they need a more complicated procedure like restorative dentistry. No matter when or why you feel anxious, our sedation options in Claremore, OK will keep you relaxed. You’ll be able to get the dental care you need to keep your teeth looking and feeling great!

Our sedation dentistry will:

  • Give you a choice of three levels of relaxation, one of which will be right for you
  • Enable you to better use your time by undergoing several procedures at one time
  • Relieve a sensitive gag reflex, a stiff jaw, and other physical barriers to your treatment
  • Make you less aware of your surroundings so sights and sounds won’t disturb you

If you’d like to find out more about dental sedation, call LakeCrest Dental at 918-921-9583.

With Three Kinds of Sedation, One Will Fit Your Needs

You may just want a light level of sedation to take the edge off, or you might prefer to be largely unaware of what is happening during your treatment. Unlike most general dentists, we offer three kinds of dental sedation, so we have a solution for every level of anxiety. We’ll help you choose the one that is best suited to your situation. No matter which kind of sedation is used, you’ll be monitored throughout your appointment.

Your choices are:

  • Inhaled Sedation – This is sometimes called laughing gas. It takes effect almost immediately when inhaled through a small mask worn over your nose. It also wears off quickly and won’t leave you feeling disoriented. You’ll even be able to drive yourself home after your procedure. Even young children can receive it.
  • Oral Sedation – We’ll give you a safe prescription medication to take before your treatment. You’ll be more relaxed than you would be with laughing gas. You’ll still be able to easily communicate with us. You’ll need to arrange a ride home, since the groggy feeling will linger.
  • IV Sedation – We have a dental anesthesiologist administer our strongest level of sedation. You likely won’t remember much about your procedure when it’s over.

To see which of our sedation options is right for you, call 918-921-9583. Our Claremore, OK dentist office is especially convenient if you live or work in zip codes 74017, 74019, 74016, 74361, 74036, 74018, 74055, 74080, 74053, and 74015.

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