Read Patient Testimonials From Our Claremore, OK Dentist Office

We can tell you how devoted the team at LakeCrest Dental’s Claremore, OK office is at exceeding all your expectations about dental visits. But we think it’s more effective to let our patients do it for us!

They appreciate:

  • Dental services for the whole family, including general and cosmetic dentistry
  • Our comfortable care, using the latest dental technology
  • Our child-friendly office, with prizes for good checkups

Check out our patient testimonials, then call 918-921-9583 to book your appointment. You’ll find our office at 1408 N. Sioux Ave., across the street from American Legion Park. Many of our patients come from households in zip codes 74017, 74019, 74016, 74361, 74036, 74018, 74055, 74080, 74053, and 74015.

Susan R.

If I overheard somebody talking about they're never going back to that dentist again, or "I don't like my dentist," I wouldn't have any qualms whatsoever to turn around and strike up a conversation and say, "I just overheard you say ... I can help you with that. Well, I can tell you who can help...

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Martin M.

I was expecting for my first root canal to like, be horrified. There were several times that Dr. Pahle said, "Can you feel that?" And I would say, "Yeah. I mean, I guess I can feel it, but it's nothing major," and he basically said, "I don't want you to feel it at all." So, it was his priority...

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Tom A.

I got dental treatment fairly recently. I qualified for it through the VA fairly recently. The Tulsa clinic is extremely busy. I was having trouble with a bridge, a four-tooth bridge, it just didn't feel comfortable. I felt like it was moving, and I couldn't really explain that to the doctors how...

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Karla H.

Oh, Dr. Pahle, he is so kind. He is patient. He is courteous. He is very competent at what he does. He's a gentle soul. I really like Dr. Pahle. Well, Dr. Pahle is just really good with kids. He really is. Like I said, Paula has assisted both of the times that we had to do extractions with...

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