Keep Smiling With Dental Cleanings & Exams in Claremore, OK

To keep your smile in tip-top shape, visit LakeCrest Dental in Claremore, OK for routine checkups every six months. Along with good oral hygiene, dental cleanings and exams from Dr. Pahlevanyan will help:

Doctor Tygran Pahlevanyan on dental cleanings and exams Read Transcript
  • Keep your teeth clean and your smile bright
  • Catch cavities and gum disease earlier to keep your mouth healthier
  • Improve your confidence so you can show others your best smile
  • Prevent the need for more invasive dental work later on
  • Give you peace of mind by making your dental care one less thing to worry about

Call our team today to schedule your next visit: 918-921-9583. Our friendly office is located at 1408 N. Sioux Ave. in Claremore (74017) – just around the corner from Youth Care/Same Day Care.

Put Your Smile in the Care of Our Experienced Team

When you arrive for your dental exam and cleaning, you’ll receive a warm greeting and we’ll help you feel right at home. One of our dental hygienists will review your dental history and do a preliminary exam to check for oral problems, including periodontal (gum) disease. We’ll also take a complete set of low-radiation digital X-rays to give us a panoramic view of your teeth, bones, and nerves.

Get ready to have the cleanest, freshest mouth around! Our hygienist will give your teeth a gentle but thorough cleaning that you are going to love. We’ll clean and polish your tooth surfaces, paying special attention to hard-to-reach areas you might miss at home. Your cleaning will get rid of harmful plaque, tartar, and bacteria that can cause tooth decay and disease.

Dr. Pahlevanyan will then give your smile a complete examination, rechecking any areas of concern that our hygienist noticed. If your smile needs additional care for either repair or enhancement, we’ll go over your treatment plan in detail and answer any questions.

Many of our patients benefit from fluoride treatment or tooth sealants for cavity prevention. We also offer custom mouthguards to help prevent dental damage and pain from TMJ disorder, teeth grinding, and athletic activities.

Don’t neglect regular dental cleanings and exams – your smile depends on it! Call our Claremore, OK dentist office today at 918-921-9583 to schedule an appointment.

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