Mend Cavities With Tooth Fillings in Claremore, OK

Nearly everyone gets a cavity at some point, so tooth fillings are the most frequent restorative dentistry procedure we perform in our Claremore dentist office. Since they’re found in so many smiles, we think it’s important they look natural. So we use tooth-colored composite for our fillings, not metal (amalgam).

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Blending in easily with your smile is a big benefit, but it’s not the only one. In addition, non-metal fillings are:

  • Easier on Your Teeth – They require less drilling, so you’ll keep more of your natural tooth structure. In addition, they strengthen your tooth and help prevent breaks. In contrast, metal fillings expand and contract. Over time, this action can cause small cracks that allow bacteria to enter your tooth. You can get a cavity in a filled tooth!
  • Possible to Repair – If a metal filling is damaged, we’ll likely have to replace it or use a crown instead. Fixing a composite filling is a simple process.
  • Better For Your Long-Term Health – The jury is still out concerning the possible health risks posed by small amounts of mercury in metal fillings. We think it makes sense to avoid using mercury in dental restorations whenever possible.

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We’ll Ensure You Get the Right Dental Restoration

Depending on the severity of your cavity, where it’s located in your mouth, and other factors, we may recommend one of these dental restorations instead of a composite filling:

  • Dental Crown – A crown covers your entire tooth. It’s better than a filling for very large cavities or if the overall structure of your tooth is weak.
  • Inlay – We can use this restoration for cavities that are too large for a filling but not large enough for a crown.
  • Onlay – Like an inlay, an onlay is a restoration that covers the top surface of your tooth and extends onto the sides. It’s slightly larger than an inlay.

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