Oral Surgery Get Comfortable Surgery With Sedation
  • Rebuild your jawbone to be a candidate for implants
  • Remove teeth that are causing painful problems
  • Relax during procedures with dental sedation

Get Your Smile Back With Oral Surgery in Claremore

If you’ve been told you need oral surgery in Claremore, you want it to be quick and pain-free, with minimum hassle. That is exactly what we offer at LakeCrest Dental. You can be confident your oral surgery procedures will go well. In addition to a compassionate staff, your experience will include:

  • Cutting-edge technology for planning and performing your procedures, like our panoramic X-rays and intraoral cameras
  • A skilled dentist who takes hours of continuing education to learn the latest techniques and treatments
  • Comfort amenities like cozy blankets, massage chairs, and eye masks
  • Two different kinds of dental sedation, so you can choose the one with the right level of relaxation for you

If you think you might need an oral surgery procedure, call 918-921-9583. If you have an emergency, we can get you in within 24 hours or same-day whenever possible.

Enjoy Stress-Free Surgical Procedures With Sedation

We offer many common oral surgery procedures in our office, including ones that can strengthen your jaw and prepare it for placement of dental implants. Our procedures include:

  • Bone Grafts and Ridge Augmentation – Bone loss can be caused by gum disease, tooth removal or tooth loss, developmental defects, or even an injury. We can restore bone density with these procedures. They make your jaw stronger and improve its health and appearance, so you’ll be ready to receive implants.
  • Tooth Extractions – Sometimes teeth simply need to be removed because they’re too damaged to save, or to make room for dentures or other dental restorations. We can gently extract any teeth, including wisdom teeth.

We do our best to put you at ease during dental surgery. You can use a blanket, pillow, and eye mask to relax. Our sedation dentistry can help too. Since there are different levels of anxiety, you can choose from our two types of dental sedation:

  • Inhaled sedation, or laughing gas
  • Oral sedation in the form of a prescription medication

Need to know more about Claremore oral surgery? Call 918-921-9583 or schedule online. You’ll find us at 1408 N. Sioux Ave.

Common Questions About Oral Surgery

When do you need oral surgery?

Extracting teeth is one of the most commonplace dental surgeries. While it’s done in some cases to remove a damaged or unhealthy tooth, we also perform removal to make space for dentures or other dental restorations or to prepare your mouth for successful orthodontic treatment. We can do surgeries to prepare your jaw for implant placement too.

Can oral surgery cause bad breath?

Foul breath might form at first because your normal brushing and flossing routine will be modified. For instance, you’ll need to stay clear of brushing near the surgical site for a number of days. Halitosis after an extraction is also linked with dry socket, an uncommon condition triggered when blood doesn’t clot as it should. In either case, the problem is short-lived. We can help if bad breath continues.

Can I be put to sleep for oral surgery?

At LakeCrest Dental, we offer two levels of dental sedation. One of them, oral sedation, will keep you in a very relaxed state throughout your treatment. You will still be able to respond to us if needed. Lots of patients who choose oral sedation tell us they do not remember anything from their surgery when it’s over!