Relieve Infection With Root Canals in Claremore, OK

Infections anywhere in your body cause discomfort. Worse, they can spread and create more serious health problems. An infected tooth is no exception. Root canals are necessary when the soft pulp inside a tooth becomes infected. Without a root canal procedure, infection can spread to other teeth, your jawbone, your sinuses, and elsewhere if it gets into your bloodstream.

Doctor Tygran Pahlevanyan on root canals

Root canal therapy in our Claremore dentist office will:

  • Save your tooth, so you won’t need an extraction
  • Eliminate your pain
  • Restore your oral function
  • Protect you from bone loss and other problems that can occur if infection spreads

If you have a toothache, you may need a root canal procedure. Call 918-921-9583 ASAP.

Stay Comfortable & Stress-Free With Dental Sedation

Root canal treatment may be the single most dreaded restorative dentistry procedure, but it shouldn’t be. While it may last longer than some other treatments, we keep discomfort to a minimum. Our experienced dentist will thoroughly numb your mouth before your procedure starts. To help you relax, we’ll offer you a blanket, a pillow, and an eye mask to keep our strong light out of your eyes.

To relax even further, you can choose one of three forms of dental sedation:

  • Inhaled sedation, or “laughing gas”
  • Oral sedative
  • IV sedation from a licensed dental anesthesiologist

Root Canal Therapy Strengthens Your Tooth

During this procedure, Dr. Tygran Pahlevanyan completely removes the infected pulp from your tooth’s interior. He cleans and sanitizes your tooth, then fills the “canals” inside your tooth with a material called gutta-percha. This strengthens your tooth structure and helps protect you from reinfection. The final step, which occurs at a later appointment, is often placement of a dental crown to restore your tooth’s appearance and function. Dr. Pahlevanyan will place a temporary crown to wear until then.

Root canals aren’t worth stressing over! Call LakeCrest Dental at 918-921-9583 so we can get you out of pain. You’ll find our Claremore dentist office across the street from American Legion Park.

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