Get Comfortable Tooth Removal in Claremore

We try to save every tooth we can with restorative dentistry. Yet sometimes tooth extraction is necessary in the interest of your long-term oral health. Tooth removal in Claremore can:

  • Create room for other teeth to stay in their proper positions
  • Put a quick end to your pain
  • Remove infection before it can spread
  • Prepare you for orthodontics, dentures, or another treatment

If you think you may need to have a tooth removed, call LakeCrest Dental at 918-921-9583 today. You can save 20 percent when you join our LakeCrest Dental Wellness Plan.

Advanced Technology & Sedation Simplify Your Extraction

A tooth extraction is one of the most common oral surgery procedures. Your extraction will go smoothly since it’s performed right here in our office. In addition to your experienced dentist, you’ll appreciate our:

  • Caring Team – You don’t have to feel nervous! Our team knows how to put even the most worried patients at ease. They’ll offer you comforts like a pillow and eye mask.
  • Modern Technology – We use some of the latest diagnostic technology like digital panoramic X-rays and intraoral cameras to better plan your oral surgery procedure.
  • Dental Sedation – If you’re still nervous or worried about discomfort, you can receive one of our two different kinds of dental sedation. We’ll help you determine which one is best for you.

After your extraction, we’ll be happy to discuss dental implants or other possible tooth replacements with you.

Save Your Smile With a Tooth Extraction

It’s best to maintain your tooth structure whenever possible, as it helps keep your jaw healthy and your other teeth in their correct positions. Still, there are some instances where we may recommend a tooth extraction:

  • Severe Infection – We can often save an infected tooth with a root canal. Sometimes, however, the tooth has suffered too much damage and should be removed.
  • Impacted Teeth – Removing impacted teeth can stop pain and make it easier to practice good oral hygiene habits.
  • Preparation For Orthodontic Care – Crowded teeth can cause a crooked smile. We may suggest removing teeth to simplify your treatment with clear aligners and achieve better results.
  • Preparation For Dentures – If you’ve already lost many teeth, removing those that remain will make it possible to replace your teeth with dentures.

For more information on gentle tooth removal in Claremore, call 918-921-9583. You can also make an appointment online.