Keep Your Smiles Healthy With Family Dentistry in Sand Springs, OK

You know what to do for a healthy smile. Brush and floss every day. Eat a balanced diet and limit sweets. And visit the dentist for routine checkups a couple of times each year. That last one is easier when you have one place you can trust for all your family dentistry. In our Sand Springs, OK dentist office, we treat patients from 0 to 99 years old.

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By coming to us for your dental care, you can:

  • Encourage healthy habits (kids get a prize after every cleaning)
  • Take satisfaction in knowing your family has healthy smiles
  • Keep oral care simple for your entire family

We hope you will visit us soon at LakeCrest Dental. You can make appointments for all your loved ones by calling 918-205-4386 today. Our top priorities are your comfort and your oral health.

Lay a Foundation for Long-Term Dental Health

Any child with teeth can have tooth decay. One in four kids will have a cavity by their 4th birthday, and more than half will have a cavity by age 11. The risk of dental problems is always present, which is why great oral health habits should be a consistent part of your family’s lives.

You can be a good role model for your kids by showing them how important a healthy smile is to you. At home, you will be the person who teaches them to brush and floss. You’re also being a good example when you schedule professional dental cleanings and exams for yourself. If you and your kids go to the same office for dental care, they can see how serious you are about your teeth.

Dental visits should be fun experiences for kids. That’s why we created our Brave Kids Club. Children can earn their certificate of membership when they do well during their visits with us. They also can choose a prize and have the chance to win a free meal at a local restaurant. Doing these little things helps build trust with your kids, so they feel comfortable with cleanings as they grow up.

Choose a Practice That Can Help With Your Changing Dental Needs

The one thing you can count on in life is change. As you and your kids get older, you will have new dental issues and needs. Primary teeth fall out. Permanent teeth erupt. Many kids will benefit from orthodontic treatment, and young adults often need their wisdom teeth removed. In time, you are more likely to need restorative dentistry, too.

If an accident should happen, you also can count on us in a dental emergency. We often see existing patients that same day, including outside of our regular hours whenever possible. For first-time patients, we set up appointments the same day or next day.

Dental care can be simple for you and the people you love. Going to one office for all your family dentistry needs in Sand Springs, OK makes it easier for you. Whether you want to treat or prevent oral health problems, our team at LakeCrest Dental is ready to help.

Just fill out our online form or call 918-205-4386 to request an appointment. We hope to see you soon.

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