Why Choose Us Visit A Dentist Who Prioritizes Comfort
  • Relax in our welcoming office
  • Receive top-notch care for the whole family
  • Enjoy advanced technology & amenities
Hassle-Free Dentistry
Hassle-Free Dentistry

It’s easy to maintain a great smile with patient-friendly technology like fast digital X-rays and intraoral cameras that show you a real-time view inside your mouth. You’ll also enjoy many payment options like our LakeCrest Dental Wellness Plan.

Comprehensive Solutions
Comprehensive Solutions

We do everything in-house to ensure your dental care is modern, safe, effective, and comfortable. From general dentistry to restorative work, you can trust that we have what you need for a healthy, confident smile.

Dental Sedation
Dental Sedation

Be sure to ask about our dental sedation options if you are uneasy about any procedure. Soothing sedation makes it easier for you to get the first-rate dental care your smile needs. We also offer amenities like blankets and Netflix TV for further relaxation.

Your Family Dental Practice in Sand Springs Will Keep You Smiling Big

When it comes to dental care, visiting a single family dental practice in Sand Springs saves you time, money, and hassle. You can get dental services for your entire family, all in one place, at LakeCrest Dental.

Your appointments will always be easy and enjoyable because we:

  • Offer a range of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative treatments
  • Reinforce positive dental visits with our Brave Kids Club
  • Keep you comfortable and relaxed during your dental procedures
  • Treat everyone in your family, from toddlers to senior citizens
  • Make care affordable with payment options like our LakeCrest Dental Wellness Plan

Family life is hectic enough. That’s why we see to it that dental care is never complicated at LakeCrest Dental! Call us today at 918-205-4386 to schedule your family’s dental appointments.

Advanced Dental Technology Provides Comfortable Care

At our modern office, Dr. Brian Patten and our team use some of the latest dental technologies to offer the highest quality care. Some of it includes:

  • Digital X-rays, which are safer than traditional X-rays because they use a fraction of the radiation. Our NOMAD handheld X-ray machines are less intimidating than old X-ray machines for our patients, especially the youngest ones.
  • Digital panoramic X-ray systems that give us a more complete view of your mouth. This makes your diagnoses faster and easier.
  • Intraoral cameras, which let us look into every corner of your mouth, with less poking and prodding.

We have seen what a difference these investments make in a patient’s overall experience at the dentist’s office. Besides saving you time and money, these high-tech innovations enable us to identify problems earlier, which makes your treatments easier.

Another way we keep your treatments easy is by offering a comfort menu. You can  let our caring staff know which items will help you remain relaxed during treatment. Your choices include blankets, pillow, stress balls, water, and lip balm. You can also receive dental sedation if you need it.

For an appointment at your new family dental practice in Sand Springs, call 918-205-4386 or schedule online. We’re conveniently located at 24 E 34th St. S, near Pratt Library and the Crescent Cafe.