Relieving Dental Anxiety Get Your New Smile Without Fear
  • Receive gentle, pain-free dental care
  • Relax during treatment with dental sedation
  • Feel at ease with several cozy amenities

Trust the Experts at Relieving Dental Anxiety in Sand Springs

Skipping the dentist is not a good idea if you want a healthy mouth. That’s easier said than done if you fear the dentist. Fortunately for you, our approach to relieving dental anxiety in Sand Springs has allowed many people to:

  • Avoid oral health problems
  • Find small issues before they become bigger
  • Get more comfortable with routine visits
  • Feel good about having a healthy mouth

At LakeCrest Dental, your comfort is our top priority. Call 918-205-4386 to find out how we can make it easier for you to visit the dentist.

Discover a Comfortable Approach to Dental Care

You can find relief at our practice no matter the reason for your anxiety. You should feel comfortable physically and mentally when you visit us. To help with that, we offer several ways to make your next dental exam or other service a little easier:

  • Schedule a “Happy” Visit First – If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, we welcome you to schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Brian Patten and the rest of our team. Then you can decide if you want to come back for a dental checkup.
  • Take Advantage of Longer Appointments – Sitting through oral care can feel overwhelming at times. With a longer appointment, you can take breaks whenever you want to stay in control of the situation.
  • Use a Sedation Option – Dental sedation prevents pain, stops gagging, and helps you stay calm and relaxed. With a choice of inhaled sedation (laughing gas) or oral sedation, you can find the right option for you.
  • Browse Our Comfort Menu – Choose from a variety of comfort options, including lip balm, cozy blankets and pillows, stress balls, and water.

Millions of people struggle with dental fear. You have a lot of company if you are one of them. You can overcome those fears with time, patience, and the right team of dental professionals to support you. We have been relieving dental anxiety in Sand Springs for years. We are confident we can help you, too.

Your first step is calling 918-205-4386 or schedule online to set up a stress-free visit to LakeCrest Dental.

Common Questions About Relieving Dental Anxiety

Why is relieving dental anxiety important?

Fear of the dentist can be so severe that a patient will not come into the office for decades at a time. Because oral health affects overall health, this person is likely suffering not only in their mouth but also in other areas of their body. It’s important that we find a solution for the fear so that every patient can remain healthy.

What can I do at home to easy my dental anxiety?

You can visit our office at a quiet time, when other patients may not be around. Ask us about this option when you call us to make your appointment. Share any concerns you have with us beforehand. We can even establish a signal for you to use to indicate if you need a break. We’ve found that a pleasant dental visit often begins at home. If you start to feel anxious about your upcoming dental work, take a few deep breaths while picturing yourself lying back peacefully on our dental chair. You can repeat this same exercise to eliminate any anxiety when you are in our office.

Can you help me overcome dental anxiety?

Of course! The first step is sharing your anxious feelings and their possible causes, such as prior negative experiences at the dentist or past difficulties in getting numb for procedures. Once we know your issues, we can work with you on strategies to alleviate them. Many patients find relief by taking advantage of one of our methods of dental sedation: laughing gas or oral medication.