Protect Your Mouth From Injury With Mouthguards in Sand Springs

Your smile looks better when you have a full set of healthy teeth. Knowing this, you probably brush your teeth regularly to reduce your risk of decay. You also should take advantage of what general dentistry at LakeCrest Dental can offer you. That includes getting mouthguards in Sand Springs to:

  • Stop damage from teeth grinding
  • End pain associated with TMJ troubles
  • Provide protection against accidents and injuries

We want you to keep all your teeth. That’s why we are happy to make custom mouthguards at LakeCrest Dental. Call 918-205-4386 to get one for yourself or someone you love.

Stop Teeth Grinding to End Your Jaw Pain

Believe it or not, you may be your biggest risk to your teeth. You could be among the millions of people who grind or clench their teeth together. Many people do this in their sleep without realizing it.

To protect your teeth, we can design a custom mouthguard or NTI splint for you to wear at night. With this night guard, you have something between your top and bottom rows of teeth so you can’t grind away your enamel.

By wearing this, you can:

  • Save your teeth from damage that could lead to cracks and breaks
  • Reduce your risk of cavities and gum disease
  • Spare yourself from the symptoms of TMJ disorders such as an aching jaw, face, and neck pains, headaches and earaches, and jaw stiffness

Keep Your Winning Smile When the Game Is Over

Teeth grinding is just one way your teeth can be harmed. Playing high-impact sports can take a toll on your smile as well if you don’t take precautions before you take the field. In fact, athletes who don’t wear sports mouthguards are significantly more likely to suffer dental injuries than athletes who do.

You and your loved ones should protect your teeth anytime you gear up for a recreational league or your kids run onto the court. You don’t want to risk dental damage from an elbow to the jaw or a hit to the teeth with a basketball. If you run, jump, throw or catch something, or have any physical contact, then you should wear a mouthguard every time you play or practice.

The best protection comes from the right kind of mouthguards in Sand Springs. Get this kind of protection at LakeCrest Dental. Call 918-205-4386 or schedule online to stop grinding your teeth or get a personalized athletic mouthguard.