Renew Your Smile With Dental Crowns and Bridges in Owasso

When something bad happens to your tooth or teeth, you don’t want a bad situation to get worse. That is exactly what can happen if you don’t repair or replace your teeth with restorations like dental crowns and bridges in Owasso, OK. Our team has training, technology, and experience to turn your smile problem around quickly. With our high-quality restorative care, you can:

  • Restore your smile’s healthy appearance
  • Prevent dental damage from getting worse
  • Regain the full function of your teeth
  • Enjoy repairs that can last for a decade or more

Fixing damaged teeth or replacing lost teeth at LakeCrest Dental starts when you call us at 918-347-1126 to schedule a restorative dental appointment. Plus, you could save 20 percent on your restoration by signing up for our LakeCrest Dental Wellness Plan.

Preserve Your Smile & Restore Your Confidence

Dental crowns are most frequently used to cover a tooth that has been badly decayed or damaged. This also protects that tooth against additional damage. Crowns can also:

  • Protect a tooth from further infection after a root canal
  • Conceal cosmetic imperfections such as misshapen or stained teeth
  • Replace a missing tooth, when attached to a dental implant

You also can get a partial crown – known as an inlay or onlay, depending on which part of the tooth is being repaired – if you have a cavity that is too large for a tooth filling.

Whether you are missing one tooth or many teeth, you can have a smile that is whole again. We can use a dental bridge to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Like crowns, a bridge can be attached to dental implants for maximum bite strength and better long-term health. An implant-supported bridge gives you confidence that your new teeth are locked in place and your smile looks great!

Give yourself a healthy mouth and protect your smile with dental crowns and bridges in Owasso. Call LakeCrest Dental now at 918-347-1126 or set up an appointment online.