Find the Right Treatment With Our Oral Surgical Services

For years, the team at LakeCrest Dental has been taking care of smiles in Sperry, OK with dental surgery. We have a lengthy list of satisfied patients who keep coming back to us for their dental care because we offer superior treatment to all. Our patients recognize they will receive our full attention and be cared for from the moment they come through our doors. You can get the level of service as well! Our team works hard to ensure that each individual receives superb dental care from start to finish.

To make that occur, utilize modern dental technology and techniques. This makes your time with us even more positive and efficient. It can lessen the time you need in our patient chair.

If you have anxiety regarding your oral surgery, do not fret. We recognize all about dental anxiety and also will do our best to help you kick back. We provide dental sedation to fit your demands and will certainly make sure you get precisely what you need to sit back easily in our care.

Several of the oral surgery services we provide are:

  • Tooth Extractions – We’ll try to conserve your damaged or unhealthy tooth. When that’s not feasible, we’ll carefully remove the tooth to protect your dental health and wellness. Extracting a damaged tooth protects against problems with your various other teeth and gums.
  • Dental Implant Placements – Implants make your replacement teeth replacements stronger and more stable. They act artificial roots for your new crowns, bridges, or dentures.
  • Bone Grafts – You are likely to lose bone mass in your jaw if you have been missing teeth for enough time. A bone graft can replace that lost bone tissue and enable you to support implants.

If you believe you might need an oral surgeon in Sperry, OK, call LakeCrest Dental today at 918-347-1126 or schedule online. We’ll get you in and get your smile back in shape!