Because wisdom teeth removal is more common among teens, your friends at LakeCrest Dental thought it would be a good time to mention it in our blog.

Now that fall is upon us, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to think about scheduling a wisdom teeth procedure soon. Many schools have some sort of fall break, and that would be the perfect opportunity to get this kind of procedure out of the way before the holidays!

Extracting Wisdom Teeth Is Often… Well, Wise!

See what we did there?

All joking aside, it is often in your best interest to remove wisdom teeth because they tend to cause more trouble than they’re worth.

Now, if they’re not bothering you or creating any issues with overcrowding or infections, you can leave them alone.

But we find that it often makes more sense to be proactive when it comes to wisdom teeth.

The fact is, we don’t really need that third set of molars anymore. As humans have evolved, they’ve become less important to our oral function and health, yet they still develop and try to erupt.

The problem is that they often do so in the wrong position, halfway, or not at all. An impacted wisdom tooth can be pretty painful and even risky to your dental health.

That’s why we often advise patients to have them removed at a younger age, usually in their teens, because it’s easier to extract them before they cause problems like oral pain and infections, tooth decay, cysts, or gum disease. They’re hard to reach, which means keeping them clean can be challenging as you get older.

Removing Wisdom Teeth Is Routine For Us!

For our team at LakeCrest Dental, wisdom teeth removal is a routine procedure. It’s an oral surgery service we’re able to provide conveniently in our office thanks to our advanced training and technology.

Since we perform this procedure all the time, we know how to make it a smooth experience for our patients.

First, we rely on digital panoramic X-rays that give us a detailed, comprehensive look inside your mouth, from your sinuses to your jaw and everything in between. It allows us to see if your wisdom teeth pose any potential complications and plan your treatment accordingly.

We also use state-of-the-art intraoral cameras to get deep inside your mouth and gather clear, crisp images of your back molars for more precise planning and successful surgical outcomes.

If you’re nervous about oral surgery, you can trust in our local anesthesia to fully numb you before your procedure, and we also offer dental sedation to help you feel more deeply relaxed throughout.

In other words, you’re in great hands with us!

Talk To Us About Your Wisdom Teeth!

If you think it’s time to get your wisdom teeth removed, or just want your Claremore dentist to check if yours show any potential signs of trouble, visit us soon so you can schedule your procedure before the holidays.

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