As a community and as a country, we have been through a lot in the last year and a half. All of us want to get back to a sense of our normal lives. All of us want a reason to smile.

And what better reason to be happy than a better smile. Through cosmetic dentistry at our Sand Springs, OK office, you can give yourself a great reason to post a selfie to social media or to spend time with family and friends.

You’ve sacrificed during the past year. Now is the time to do something for yourself. Call 918-205-4386 to schedule a consultation at LakeCrest Dental. Discover what we can do for you when we work together.

Bring Your Dream to Life

What does your dream smile look like? You can do an online image search for “perfect smile,” and you are likely to get a lot of pictures of great-looking teeth. You may notice that they generally have few things in common:

  • The teeth are white and bright.
  • The teeth are straight.
  • The teeth are evenly spaced.
  • None of the teeth are misshapen, broken, or cracked.

With cosmetic dental care, your smile can look like that, too. The solution to your smile makeover is as simple as developing a plan with our assistance and then putting that plan to work.

Some smile transformations can be as simple as a professional teeth whitening session at our office. Other people can create a brand new smile in a matter of a few weeks with dental veneers.

For other patients, the process can be a bit more complicated. You may need to do a few things before your new smile looks the way you want it to look. No matter what, however, our dental professionals are committed to doing whatever it takes to give you the smile that you want to see when you look in the mirror.

If you want those amazing teeth in your reflection, then it’s time to pay us a visit. The sooner you get started on your new smile, the sooner you will get to see it for yourself.

Care You Can Count On

By visiting LakeCrest Dental, you are entrusting your teeth to a team of tireless professionals who want the best for you. To achieve your smile goals, you just need to trust our training, talent, and experience to complete your teeth transformation.

Dr. Brian Patten worked as a dental assistant before he went to dental school himself. That experience gave him a great appreciation of how life-changing oral care can be. That is one of the reasons he has made it a priority to give all of his patients their best smiles.

Through his ongoing commitment and education, he remains prepared to put you in a position to enjoy amazing smiles for many years to come.

Revive Your Smile

It’s time to give yourself newfound or renewed confidence in your teeth. It’s time to ask about cosmetic dentistry at LakeCrest Dental.

Call 918-205-4386 or contact us online for an appointment in Sand Springs, OK.