You have sweaty palms, dry mouth, and heart palpitations.

Are you waiting in line at the insanely scary haunted house everyone’s been buzzing about?

Nope. It’s worse.

You just got an alert on your phone reminding you about your dental cleaning tomorrow.

If this is how you feel about going to the dentist, then you have friends at LakeCrest Dental who are happy to prove that you don’t have to be afraid of dental appointments ever again!

Why Dental Phobia Is So Dangerous

Fear is one thing, but irrational fear is another.

That’s what dental phobia is – the crippling anxiety you feel during dental appointments that makes it hard for you to get the routine treatments you need to maintain good oral health.

Dental phobia controls you, compelling you to stay away from the dentist while invisible bacteria threatens your teeth and gums. Without a trained professional and the right tools, the plaque you can’t see builds and builds until your mouth is overtaken by tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and worse, tooth loss and widespread systemic health problems.

But our goal is to put that control back in your hands one easy appointment at a time so none of that happens to you!

Leave Your Dental Fear At The Door!

You will always have a friendly dental practice to call home in Claremore, OK. Our compassionate team will treat you like family and maintain cozy surroundings that feel like home. That begins from your very first visit, where all we want you to do is tour our office, meet our staff, and learn more about our amenities and services.

That way, you don’t show up for dental treatment having no idea what the office is like, who you will see, or what to expect.

We’ll also show you some of our comfort amenities to enhance your experience, like:

  • Warm blankets and soft pillows
  • Stress-relieving yoga props
  • Complimentary water and lip balm
  • Eye masks for an at-the-spa feel

You can also request a longer appointment if feeling rushed is a trigger for your dental anxiety. Whatever you need to feel more comfortable, all you have to do is ask!

From there, we’ll talk to you about the things you find most uncomfortable during dental procedures and discuss our dental sedation options so you can think about which may work best for you when it’s time to schedule your next cleaning, exam, or treatment.

You can choose:

  • Laughing Gas – for mildly anxious patients of all ages
  • Oral Sedation – for more intense anxiety and longer procedures
  • IV Sedation – for severely anxious patients and longer or multiple procedures

Once you’ve had a chance to explore our cozy office, put names with the friendly faces, and learn about your dental sedation options, you will already feel more comfortable about receiving treatment from our gentle, caring team, and it only gets easier from there!

Try A Different Kind Of Dentistry!

Dentistry isn’t something to fear, as long as you know where to look!

Our practice in Claremore, OK offers all the comfort, convenience, and sedation options that a modern, patient-focused practice should, and we’re excited to change the way you experience dental appointments so that good oral health becomes an easy part of your lifestyle!

Let us conquer your dental fears together! Call LakeCrest Dental in Claremore, OK today at 918-921-9583 or fill out our online form to request a stress-free appointment.