Did you know that dental sedation at LakeCrest Dental can do so much more than help you relax during dentist appointments?

The benefits go beyond the physical effects and are powerful enough to transform the way you think and feel about your dental care!

4 Changes You’ll Notice After Trying Dental Sedation!

Here are four significant changes you’ll notice right away about your appointments after trying dental sedation in Claremore, OK!

*Scheduling Dental Procedures Becomes Hassle-Free*

Part of the reason you feel anxious during dental appointments is because you’re distracted by how busy your are. When you have a full schedule, fitting in a dentist appointment can feel like a stressful inconvenience.

But that’s a great benefit of dental sedation!

Because it puts you in a deeper state of relaxation, we’re able to combine multiple treatments, or perform more complicated procedures, in one single appointment.

This can help take a lot of the stress out of your experiences because scheduling them becomes hassle-free!

*Your Dental Treatments Seem Smoother*

When our dentist and hygienists can work more efficiently through your procedure, the entire experience becomes easier on you as well!

When someone is in the chair feeling tense and anxious, it can make the process slower because of frequent stops and starts. We don’t mind at all going at a pace you’re comfortable with, of course, but it does make things more difficult for you if all you want to do is get it over with.

Sedation helps you relax, which makes our job easier and more efficient, and you’ll notice that treatments run more smoothly, too!

*You’ll Feel More Relaxed In The Dental Chair*

It’s hard for any person during dental procedures to keep their mouth open for so long, even when fear isn’t a factor. A sensitive gag reflex or jaw soreness can make treatment physically uncomfortable.

Dental sedation is powerful enough to relax your entire body while you lay in the chair, which makes treatment more comfortable since you’re not tensing up your muscles the whole time.

*You’re No Longer Afraid Of Your Next Appointment*

After your first treatment with dental sedation, you’ll be able to look more objectively at that experience and rationalize through the fear and anxiety you’ve always had about going to the dentist.

As your next appointment approaches, you’ll be able to remind yourself how comfortable you felt the last time and that sedation will be available to you again. With each visit, you’ll notice that sense of dread or stress you once had before each appointment start to become more and more distant in your memory.

Experience It For Yourself!

Fear is powerful, but after you’ve experienced dental sedation just once, you’ll already begin to feel that fear subside as you look ahead to your next appointment.

Eventually, you’ll be the one in control of your dental care, and ultimately, your oral health for the rest of your life!

To experience it for yourself, call our Claremore, OK dental office today at 918-921-9583 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.