You just sat down for Thanksgiving dinner, but you’re having a tough time feeling grateful for the beautiful display of platters and dishes before you.

The unbearable aroma of turkey and fresh harvest vegetables have been wafting through the house all afternoon, and you’ve endured it quietly, knowing you’ll have to pass on some of your favorites.

And you’re happy about seeing your family from out of town, but at the same time, it’s not something you feel like smiling about, literally.

This is a fairly typical Thanksgiving experience for anyone with missing teeth or those who have to wear poorly-fitting dentures.

Our team at LakeCrest Dental in Broken Arrow, OK wants you to imagine a different holiday experience with replacement teeth secured by dental implants.

The Dental Implant Difference At Thanksgiving

If you have missing teeth or wear removable dentures, Thanksgiving and other important holidays where you know you’ll be surrounded by a lot of people can be a source of tremendous stress and anxiety.

But here are three significant ways dental implants and restorations can really make the difference for your holiday experience:

*Your Teeth Stay Firmly In Place*

Yes, this is a holiday centered on gratitude where we all give thanks for the many blessings in our lives.

But let’s not kid ourselves.

Thanksgiving is just as much about food! For most families, Thanksgiving dinner is the most significant meal of the year, in time, scope, and preparation.

So naturally, strong, healthy teeth are a must if you want to enjoy all the foods you love!

That’s one of the biggest differences dental implants can make during a time like this, because of all tooth replacement methods, implants keep your new teeth firmly in place better than the rest.

*Your Natural Teeth, Jawbone, & Gums Stay Healthy*

Because dental implants are placed inside your jawbone, you have the advantage of long term oral health. When the implant attaches to your bone, it only grows and strengthens with time. That’s what keeps your replacement tooth secure, and it’s what preserves and protects the surrounding teeth and gum tissue for more lasting health.

*Your Smile Will Look Great For Photos*

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a time when you visit with friends or relatives you don’t get a chance to see very often throughout the year.

That means you’ll be mingling and catching up, and there’s a pretty good chance lots of photos will be taken throughout the long weekend.

You can smile proudly knowing your slippery dentures won’t shift around and cause embarrassing mishaps while you’re talking and laughing or smiling for pictures.

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As you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and friends, imagine what all your holidays from here could be like if you had strong, secure teeth, a healthy mouth, and a beautiful smile.

That’s the dental implant difference!

Get started now so that this time next year, your missing teeth or loose dentures won’t be a source of stress or anxiety heading into the holiday season!

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