When you have teeth that are damaged, or cosmetically flawed in other ways, the most immediate and significant impact it will have is on the appearance of your smile.

But sadly, that’s only the beginning.

Whether it’s your smile that makes you unhappy, or any other aspect of your appearance, for that matter, there are a number of residual effects you can suffer as a result.

Feeling stressed, insecure, or embarrassed about the way you look hangs over you and spoils what would otherwise be fun, special, or memorable occasions in your life.

It doesn’t matter how formal or informal, when you’re with other people and can’t focus on anything but how to hide your cracked, stained, or misshapen teeth, you can’t enjoy what’s going on around you.

To avoid that emotional turmoil, you may avoid socializing, going after a professional opportunity at work, or pursuing personal hobbies and interests.

It goes so much deeper than what you and other people see in your smile, which is why cosmetic dentistry at LakeCrest Dental can be so life-changing for our patients!

You Can Make It Disappear With Dental Veneers!

When you come to our Broken Arrow, OK dental office for cosmetic dentistry, we can make all your embarrassing smile flaws disappear with veneers! These translucent shells are custom-made to your desired fit, color, and shape and are then bonded over your own teeth to dramatically transform your smile.

Here are some specific problems dental veneers can hide:

*Hide Stains*

Many of us just can’t start the day without at least one cup of coffee.

Or we might enjoy red wine every now and then with dinner.

Whatever dark foods or drinks you can’t resist, the eventual price you pay is stained teeth.

But the whiteness of your teeth will fade over the years for a host of other reasons, too, from poor oral hygiene to health complications to certain prescription medications.

Even aging turns a bright smile dingy.

With dental veneers, though, your smile is perfectly color matched to look radiant, yet natural. They even repel stains for years so you won’t have to worry about dark stains anymore!

*Hide Gaps*

Gaps between teeth can be a cute smile quirk, but only rarely.

Usually, it’s a cosmetic issue that makes patients feel too insecure or embarrassed to smile.

The same is true for minorly crooked, overlapping teeth.

That’s what braces are for, right?

Not always, which is why veneers are often considered instant orthodontics. They hide spaces between teeth, as well as crooked teeth, so you end up looking like you spent years wearing braces.

*Hide Imperfections*

Nothing is perfect, and unfortunately, your teeth are no exception.

Sure, they may be strong and pristine when you’re young, but years and years of use and abuse will leave their mark on your teeth one tiny imperfection at a time.

Nicks, cracks, and chips on your tooth enamel don’t just look bad, but they pose an oral health risk, too. Those small weak spots are open doors for harmful bacteria, and they’ll only get worse over time.

Dental veneers, believe it or not, hide, as well as protect, damaged teeth so your smile is safe and strong for years.

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Even though they conceal so many different types of smile flaws, dental veneers are a surprisingly fast, simple cosmetic solution.

They take the stress out of dental imperfections that may seem overwhelming to you now by letting all those problems disappear behind their lifelike veneer in one, minimally invasive procedure.

Find out if dental veneers will work for you!

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