It’s almost time to load those Easter baskets!

Do you know how to do that without putting your family at risk for tooth decay and cavities?

You will after you read today’s blog, courtesy of your friends at LakeCrest Dental in Sand Springs, OK!

Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Easter

Follow these simple tips this Easter so your family’s smiles stay healthy:

*Moderation Vs. Temptation*

Anything you can do to win the battle between moderation and temptation is a good idea!

That might mean hiding the Easter baskets during the day and only bringing them out after dinner for a sweet treat after the meal.

You may also want to consider filling your baskets with individually-wrapped, bite-size candies instead of full-size candy bars.

These strategies will help you resist going overboard and consuming too much sugar than you should!

*Candy Rules*

Believe it or not, some types of candy aren’t as bad for your teeth as others.

So it may help to know about a couple of golden rules when choosing the candy that will do the least bit of harm to your oral health.

One thing that may help is to remember that timing is everything when it comes to sugar. Anything you eat that’s left behind inside your mouth for too long only gives bad bacteria the chance to cause problems. When it feasts on sugary particles stuck on or between teeth, it creates acids that eat away at your enamel.

That leaves weak, vulnerable spots for more bacteria to creep inside, leading to decay, cavities, and infection.

So stay away from hard candies that you have to suck on for a long time, as well as stickier substances like caramel, taffy, and marshmallows. It’s also wise to rinse your mouth out with water after you eat candy, no matter the kind, just to keep your teeth clean between brushing.

*Chewing Sugarless Gum Helps*

We know so much more about food allergies now than we did in the past, and one of the ways we’ve seen it affect our collective diet is with a wide-open selection of healthier alternatives on supermarket shelves.

You’ll even notice it in the candy section, with sugar-free options, for example, which is something to keep in mind as you’re sifting through the selection for your family’s Easter baskets.

One treat has long been a staple, though, and that’s sugarless gum!

They come in all types of flavors, and even contain xylitol, which the ADA has approved as a teeth-friendly ingredient that wards off harmful bacteria and fights tooth decay.

The act of chewing, itself, even helps your teeth stay strong and protected against plaque acids that can erode enamel and cause cavities. That’s thanks to the way it promotes saliva production inside your mouth for cleaner teeth, and even fresher breath!

*Non-Candy Ideas For the Easter Baskets*

There’s no rule that says Easter baskets can only be filled with candy!

You can load them up with fun, festive items for kids of all ages, like:

  • Activity books and magazines
  • Bubbles
  • Assorted, flavored lip balms
  • Plastic eggs filled with coins or cash
  • Gift cards
  • Sidewalk chalk

You know your child’s tastes, so think of creative ways to wow them this Easter by including small toys and trinkets in their basket that they’ll enjoy, and just use candy as a filler!

Schedule An Appointment!

It’s always fun to celebrate holidays with family and friends, but because they usually come with festive, sugary treats, it’s important to know how to get through them without hurting your teeth.

This Easter, make sure to enjoy all the candy in moderation, stick to your oral hygiene routine, and pay us a visit for a cleaning and exam when the celebrations are over to keep your dental health on track!

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