If you plan on taking the kids trick-or-treating this Halloween, your friends at LakeCrest Dental are here to make sure all that extra sugar in your family’s diet won’t derail their oral health.

We’re talking about some of the usual tricks that sweet treats can play on your teeth!

The Problem With Sugar & Your Dental Health

There is always going to be a mix of good and bad bacteria in your mouth.

The bad bacteria has one goal, which is to munch on the sugary food particles that hide in the grooves on and between your teeth. When that happens, destructive acids are created that lead to tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

To keep that Halloween candy from hurting your family’s teeth and gums, your Sand Springs dentist is giving you some tips that can help prevent those dental problems from spoiling your trick-or-treat fun!

Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy At Halloween

Keep these helpful tips in mind this Halloween so your family’s teeth and gums stay healthy:

*Maintain Your Family’s Usual Balanced Diet*

Don’t replace healthy, balanced meals with candy!

Enjoy sweet treats after your family has eaten a healthy lunch or dinner. This will help everyone stay fuller longer and prevent overindulging on the candy.

*Water Is Always Important*

It’s not just the sugar in candy you need to be careful with, but the sugar in your drinks that can also cause problems for your family’s teeth.

Juices, sports drinks, and sodas should be consumed in moderation any time of year, but especially at Halloween. You don’t want to give bad bacteria even more fuel!

Water is essential to a healthy mouth and body, so keep encouraging your family to drink plenty of it each day. You can also rinse your mouth with water after eating a piece of candy to help wash away the sugary particles left behind.

*Sticky Candy Is Problematic*

Gooey candy, such as chocolate-covered caramel, taffy, or marshmallow, literally sticks to your teeth, hiding in the deep grooves and crevices. This means your teeth are exposed to sugar for a longer period of time, giving bacteria ample opportunity to cause trouble.

*Hard Candy Is A Hazard*

Not only does hard candy, like jawbreakers and suckers, keep sugar in your mouth longer, but biting down on it is hazardous for your teeth. You can easily break, chip, or crack a tooth or restoration, which could land you in the dental chair for emergency treatment.

*Moderation Is Key*

Outlawing candy in your house may seem like the best strategy for keeping everyone’s teeth healthy, but you know what happens when you tell your kids they can’t have something.

They only want it more, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying Halloween candy this time of year.

So just be sure to practice moderation, only getting the candy out as an after-dinner treat.

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Our kid-friendly team are excited to hear all about your trick-or-treating adventures and will make sure your family’s dental health is still on the right track for a cavity-free holiday season!

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