Are poorly-fitting dentures taking all the fun out of your holidays?

Do you dream of a better, stronger, more lasting solution for your missing teeth?

Then today’s blog is our gift to you!

Our team at LakeCrest Dental wants to tell you about some life-changing benefits of dental implants in Broken Arrow, OK!

5 Signs You’re Ready For Dental Implants

Which tooth replacement method you choose depends on several factors, and it’s a decision you can make with help from our team of experienced professionals.

But in the meantime, here are five signs you’re ready to consider dental implants in getting back the healthy, natural-looking smile you once had:

*You’re Fed Up With A Restricted Diet*

Without a full set of healthy, strong teeth, you’ll have no choice but to restrict certain foods from your diet. Either you can’t chew foods you love because of missing teeth, or because of loose, removable dentures, but regardless, you’re fed up!

Dental implants are significantly more effective in providing the kind of bite strength you’re used to, restoring nearly 90% of the power you get with natural teeth.

*You Hate Looking Older Than You Feel*

You know what happens to a person’s facial appearance when they take out their dentures.

The cheeks are dramatically sunken in, and wrinkles are more noticeable, especially around the mouth. This happens when you lose teeth and don’t replace them right away, giving your jawbone time to deteriorate.

A dental implant in place of your lost tooth root preserves the youthful structure of your face by attaching to your jawbone and strengthening it over time.

*You Care About The Longevity Of Your Smile*

Tooth loss is hard enough to deal with the first time around, so you want to choose a replacement solution that’s not only successful, but offers the most longevity. Because they can last a lifetime with the right care, and have a roughly 95% success rate, dental implants are second to none.

*You Want More Options*

If you’ve lost several, or all, of your teeth, your options in tooth replacement are limited to dentures. But we all know that standard dentures can’t perform anywhere near what your natural teeth can do.

You want more options, and that’s what you’ll find at LakeCrest Dental!

We offer solutions for securing dentures to dental implants so you don’t have to settle for a life with slippery replacement teeth.

You can also consider mini dental implants, which are smaller than regular implants and would work for patients who lack bone mass or enough healthy gum tissue because of tooth loss.

*You Want Your Life Back*

Missing teeth is the sort of dental problem that forces many difficult changes upon you, and consequently, lowers your quality of life.

Not only will it affect your appearance, but it impedes nutrition and overall health.

In fact, research even shows us that tooth loss can reduce life expectancy by as much as a decade!

Investing in dental implants could be the tooth replacement method that gives you the quality of life you once had, and possibly even add years to it!

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Our team wants you to have the happy, healthy life you deserve. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, that means you need the best, most advanced solution.

Dental implants are it, the most powerful gift in modern tooth replacement, and if you’re finally ready to see if they can give you back a healthy, youthful-looking smile, visit LakeCrest Dental for a consultation.

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