Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to think about how you can best protect your healthy smile from all the threats this particular season poses for your teeth and gums!

Keep Your Smile Safe With A Custom Mouthguard!

Here’s how a custom mouthguard from LakeCrest Dental in Sand Springs, OK can help you keep your smile safe this spring!

*Teeth Grinding*

A habit many people don’t even know they have, teeth grinding and jaw clenching puts your teeth at risk for damage and wear. You may do it involuntarily while you sleep or during the day when you’re feeling stressed or tense.

And you may not see evidence of teeth grinding on your own. Not at first, at least. In the beginning, you could be causing microscopic damage on your tooth enamel.

But over time, you or your dentist will notice visible chips or cracks on your teeth, or an uneven smile as your teeth become more and more worn down.

You may also experience symptoms like:

*Frequent headaches or migraines

*Tooth sensitivity

*Painful chewing

*Clicking or popping in your jaw

*Pain or muscle tension in your face or jaw


With a custom mouthguard or NTI splint from your Sand Springs dentist, you can keep your upper and lower teeth separated, alleviating your painful symptoms, healing your jaw, and protecting your beautiful, healthy teeth!

*Sports-Related Injuries*

The spring sports season is here, and that means many of us, whether we participate in an organized sport or not, enjoy more physical activity this time of year.

In many cases, too many people leave their teeth and gums vulnerable while hard at play.

Research tells us that you’re actually 60% more at risk for dental injuries if you don’t wear an athletic mouthguard.

But you don’t have to be among that 60% because you can get a custom mouthguard from our team at LakeCrest Dental!

It can provide full coverage over your teeth and gums, giving your smile protection from:
*Flying bats, pucks, and balls

*Blunt contact with hard surfaces

*Direct contact with other athletes

*And more!

It doesn’t matter if the coach requires this type of athletic gear or not. Your healthy smile is better off when you have a mouthguard designed especially to fit your mouth, so you can breathe, speak, and perform comfortably and safely.

Get Your Mouthguard Now!

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to prevent every dental problem or injury 100% of the time.

But by wearing a custom-made mouthguard, you significantly lower the risk that you will suffer from pain, long-term smile damage, and costly dental treatments in the future!

Get your custom mouthguard now, and keep your smile safe this spring! Call LakeCrest Dental in Sand Springs, OK today at 918-205-4386 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.