You have been looking forward to this meal for a while now. Since that new restaurant opened, you have been eager to try some new food and to spend time with family that you haven’t seen in person in a while.

What if you had to change your plans that morning? What if you woke up in severe pain with a toothache? What would you do? Who would you call?

We can’t do anything about your dinner plans, but our team at LakeCrest Dental in Claremore, OK can alleviate your pain. You can get a root canal procedure to end your painful infection.

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Don’t Wait to Get Relief

Your preference — and our preference for you — is that you would avoid tooth infections with a good routine of brushing and flossing daily and visiting us regularly for cleanings and exams.

The reality is that more than 90 percent of people in the United States will develop cavities. Since tooth decay is a possibility, so are tooth infections. You also can develop infections as a result of dental injuries, which may leave you with broken or cracked teeth. When you have these problems, you should seek care as soon as you can.

When you do develop an infected tooth, it can quickly become painful. This happens when bacteria reach the innermost part of your tooth. That can lead to inflammation of the pulp (soft tissue found in your tooth) and that puts pressure on the nerves on the inside of that tooth.

To stop the infection, you need to remove the infected tissue. A root canal treatment is a simple solution for this problem.

When all is said and done, your tooth looks natural, and it no longer hurts. That means you can enjoy biting into whatever food you order the next time you dine out with your loved ones.

Avoid Pain & Feel Better

Root canals have a bad reputation. Admittedly, the way things were done decades ago was not always done with comfort in mind.

Fortunately for you, modern dental care has come a long way. Today, we have a better understanding of how to provide care in a way that is both effective and practically pain-free. Using a combination of local anesthetic and dental sedation, you can have a root canal (and other procedures) so you feel little if anything during your appointment.

You may have a little soreness for a short time while you recover from a root canal. Within a few days, however, you should be feeling like yourself again.

Protect Your Smile

Being proactive about dental care can help you avoid painful tooth infections. Remember to brush, to floss, and to visit us for routine dental checkups. If you do notice a problem, seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent a small issue from turning into a big one.

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