Trying to convince yourself that your nagging toothache isn’t a big deal?

Dental problems don’t suddenly go away. In fact, they get worse.

Not just that, but pain in your mouth is a red flag that something is wrong, and trying to ignore it puts your oral and overall health at risk.

Let your Sand Springs dentist at LakeCrest Dental help you find relief for your tooth pain so you can enjoy the upcoming holidays with full oral function and a healthy smile!

4 Ways We Can End Your Tooth Pain

When you visit us for help with tooth pain, we may fix the problem with one of these four common restorative solutions:

*Tooth-Colored Fillings*

In many cases, a toothache comes from decay that’s eaten through your enamel, resulting in a cavity.

Caught early enough, a tooth-colored filling is a quick, easy solution!

Not only will we get rid of that tooth decay, but we’ll protect your tooth using a material that blends seamlessly in with the rest of your smile!

*Dental Crowns*

If there isn’t enough healthy tooth enamel left after decay sets in, you may need more than a standard filling.

After we’ve removed the decayed portion, we can preserve your tooth with partial restorations called inlays and onlays, or by capping it with a natural-looking dental crown.

We also use crowns to complete a root canal after infection inside a tooth has been removed and the area has been sanitized and filled.

Whatever is threatening your tooth and causing you pain, our durable restorations can help you find relief and regain full, comfortable function of your mouth.

*Gum Disease Treatment*

Your dental pain may not be coming from your teeth at all, but rather, your gums.

Gum disease is when bacteria gets trapped below your gumline and infects the tissues, eating away at everything in its path unless you have it treated.

Left alone, this bacterial infection will progress throughout your mouth, pulling your gums away from your teeth, loosening them, and worst of all, causing you to lose teeth one by one.

Before it gets that far, you might experience painful symptoms like swollen, tender gums and tooth sensitivity.

We want to help you stop it in its tracks with gum disease treatment! It’s a process that clears the infection from under the gumline and smooths out the roots of your teeth so healthy gum tissue can reattach as you heal.


Pain in your mouth could also be caused by damaged tooth enamel brought on by teeth grinding or TMJ problems.

That’s when you’re clenching down on your jaw and raking your upper and lower teeth together, often without even realizing it, or you have some sort of disruption in the alignment of your jaw joint (TMJ).

Our custom NTI splints are worn like a mouthguard while you sleep, since teeth grinding is usually done at night involuntarily. This device relieves that pressure on your jaw, allows it to heal naturally, helps reduce the symptoms of bruxism, and prevents teeth fractures that can lead to painful oral health problems.

Let Us End Your Tooth Pain!

Don’t let a toothache spoil your Thanksgiving dinner or threaten your oral health!

Get the help you need now so you can enjoy a pain-free holiday season with a healthy, beautiful smile!

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