It’s the time of year when the leaves will be changing soon (if they haven’t already). You can take some inspiration from the picturesque scenes to make your smile more photogenic.

How? You can schedule an appointment for professional teeth whitening at LakeCrest Dental.

Professional whitening can revive the bright, pearl white smile that you once had. This can give you great confidence in your smile, whether you are talking to someone in person or on a video call or posting a picture to social media.

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Stains Happen

No one wants to have a yellow, stained, or dingy-looking smile. Yet, we all eat and drink things that contribute to the discoloration of our smiles. Some things cause this staining to occur faster, but most foods and drinks affect the color of your teeth over time. Coffee, tea, foods with sauces, and desserts are just a few examples of the foods that encourage staining more quickly. Tobacco use also can lead to increased discoloration.

Knowing this, you should understand that as you get older, your teeth will naturally lose some of their luster.

Many people will try to combat this with whitening toothpaste, but this only provides limited benefits. Likewise, many patients will try commercially available whitening products to mixed results (at best).

Too often, people come to us for professional whitening only after they are disappointed with the results they got from other products. Save yourself some time by coming to us first, so you can get the result that you really want.

Time To Shine

Your smile affects many aspects of your life. It affects how you interact with other people and how you are perceived by others.

We have cared for patients who were embarrassed by their smiles. We also have seen how teeth whitening has made a difference in how they see themselves.

You can choose between two professional whitening options at our practice

  • In-office whitening – For the fastest results, this is your best bet. You can see a difference in the color of your teeth in a single appointment with this option.
  • At-home whitening – This option allows you to whiten your smile at your convenience. With professional strength whitening gel and custom whitening trays, you can see a bright smile in a matter of weeks.

It’s also important to note that teeth whitening is not a good option for everyone. In those cases, you can still recreate your bright smile with dental veneers.

Maintain Your Bright Smile

If you come to our office for teeth whitening, you can keep your teeth looking great with our lifetime whitening program. For $99, you will receive the custom trays and you will get a tube of whitening gel. To get this, all you have to do is come to see us for dental cleanings and exams a few times each year.

Make the change that you want to see in your smile with professional teeth whitening. Call LakeCrest Dental at 918-205-4492 or online form to schedule your appointment in Broken Arrow, OK.