Are you tired of living with slippery dentures, eating bland, soft foods, or hiding your smile in shame because of missing teeth?

Don’t agonize over how to get through another summer watching other people having fun. Visit LakeCrest Dental now for a dental implant consultation!

Summer Is A Good Time For Dental Implants

Here are some of the reasons to spend your summer rebuilding your smile with dental implants in Broken Arrow:

*Get Your Confidence Back*

Smiling is never the same after you’ve lost one or more teeth.

It’s embarrassing and unattractive, so you either get in the habit of hiding your smile or avoiding social situations altogether because you’re ashamed.

Conventional dentures don’t always look very natural, but even if they did, they do nothing to preserve the youthful structure of your face and your smile.

With dental implants, however, you get your confident smile back! They’re an artificial root, placed inside your jaw and fusing to your bone over time.

This keeps your jawbone strong and healthy, your facial structure intact, and your smile looking beautiful and natural!

*Eat Better*

You need to be able to eat a wide variety of foods to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

But lost oral function because of missing teeth or loose dentures make that impossible!

Dental implants are different. They’re placed inside your jaw where the tooth root used to be, not on top of your gums like standard dentures.

That means your new tooth, which is a dental restoration that’s attached to the implant, is strong and secure, allowing you to eat whatever you want!

With a powerful bite, you can easily eat hard, crunchy, healthy foods your body needs for optimum nutrition. You’re also able to chew more thoroughly, which helps you digest food more easily.

When you think about all your favorite seasonal foods of summer, you won’t have to stress about not being able to enjoy them!

*Keep Oral Hygiene Simple*

Would you rather end each day by brushing and flossing your teeth before bed or taking your teeth out to scrub them clean and let them soak overnight?

We can guess which routine you’d prefer!

Because you don’t take your replacement teeth out when they’re anchored to dental implants, daily oral hygiene is as simple as it always was!

You also don’t need to worry about taking your teeth out to let your gums rest from all the pressure and irritation removable dentures can cause.

Dental implants give you comfort and convenience!

*Enjoy Your Life Again*

The physical and emotional toll that tooth loss takes on a person can be devastating.

Having to always worry about your teeth, your appearance, and your health is a heavy burden, which is why our standard for replacing missing teeth is so high at LakeCrest Dental.

Enjoying your life means not having to give your teeth a second thought, and because implants simulate the look and function of real teeth so closely, we know it’s the best way to get back everything you’ve lost to poor oral health.

Instead of slippery dentures, your new teeth can be firmly attached to dental implants so you’re free to do all the things you used to and live the quality of life you deserve.

Schedule A Consultation!

Get your healthy, confident smile back this summer with dental implants in Broken Arrow, OK!

You’ll enjoy the benefits of this extraordinary tooth replacement solution with every turn of the season for the rest of your life!

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