You never want to have a cavity, but odds are you will have one if you haven’t had one already. Tooth decay affects nearly everyone. When it happens to you or someone you love, call 918-205-4386 for an appointment at LakeCrest Dental in Sand Springs, OK.

Come see us to get these benefits that come with tooth fillings.

Preserve Your Tooth

Remove the decay and fill the cavity to protect the remaining structure of your tooth.

Prevent An Infection

When decay persists, it can lead to an infection, which can be painful. A filling stops the decay from continuing and reduces your risk of more decay.

Relieve Pain

Many people get treatment for cavities when they notice pain or increased sensitivity in that tooth. A filling helps to prevent the pain from persisting.

Avoid Root Canals

You will need a root canal is decay allows bacteria to reach the pulp chamber at the center of your tooth. A filling can keep that from happening.

Restore Your Smile

Handsome man smiling cheerful with a big smile on face showing teeth, positive and happy expression

Composite fillings are made to match that natural color of your teeth. Unlike metal fillings, these fillings restore the appearance of your smile. 

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