It’s Dental Implant Month, which means your friends at LakeCrest Dental want to make sure you know why this revolutionary tooth loss solution is a win for our patients!

3 Ways You’ll Win By Choosing Dental Implants

You have several options available to you when choosing how to replace your missing teeth, but not all of those options render the same results.

Here are just three of the many ways you win by choosing to anchor your new teeth to Claremore dental implants!

*It’s A Lasting Investment*

There’s a reason that dental implants cost more than stand-alone restorations or standard dentures.

While you might be saving money up front, you will need to adjust or replace dental crowns, bridges, or dentures every few years. They aren’t considered permanent solutions.

But dental implants are!

They fuse with your jawbone and are designed to be a lasting solution, so you’re getting a longer return on your investment.

*You Will Gain Confidence*

A toothless smile is embarrassing, so it’s obvious how such a dental problem would impact your confidence.

But it’s not just the cosmetic consequence you face when you lose teeth. You lose confidence as you lose oral function, as well.

Missing teeth will impede your speech and your ability to eat with confidence, especially if you’re relying on conventional dentures that can slip around inside your mouth.

When your new teeth are locked into place with dental implants, you get that confidence back, not only in the appearance of your smile, but in being able to socialize and share a meal with other people.

*You Can Enjoy Better Health*

Say you lose a tooth because of some sort of accident or injury. Although it would seem like a singular dental problem, it could begin a devastating chain reaction of problems if you don’t address it right away.

That’s because a missing tooth leads to loss of bone mass in your jaw, and that’s a process that continues if you don’t intervene. One by one, your surrounding teeth will lose structural support.

The point is, no matter what causes you to lose a single tooth, poor oral and overall health are your fate if you don’t replace it.

A dental implant replaces and assumes the role of the missing tooth root, which is to grab onto to the jawbone in that area and keep it engaged and thriving. This is what gives the replacement tooth that’s attached to the implant nearly the same strength and longevity as a natural tooth.

This is the game-changing feature of a dental implant that sets it apart from other replacement solutions, allowing you to enjoy better oral and overall health moving forward.

Win The Fight Against Tooth Loss!

Any teeth you have left will remain vulnerable if you don’t take steps to preserve the supporting structures of your mouth. Dental implants are the only replacement teeth that can stop the destructive process of bone deterioration and further tooth loss.

To find out if dental implants are right for you, call LakeCrest Dental in Claremore, OK today at 918-921-9583 or fill out our online form to request a consultation.