We know how important your child’s smile is to you, and it’s just as important to us!

That’s why we want to make sure your favorite athlete has the right kind of protection this fall against sports-related injuries to the teeth, gums, mouth, jaw, and head.

Even if your child doesn’t play a contact sport, it’s still a gamble to leave them vulnerable to risks of tripping, falling, and other mishaps that can occur when they’re involved in physical activities.

Teeth & Gums Need The Protection Of A Mouthguard!

Athletic mouthguards are an essential piece of safety gear we can provide at LakeCrest Dental that will minimize the trauma of blunt contact to the teeth, gums, and surrounding areas.

Sure, you could buy a guard from a sporting goods store, but you may want to know more about those products before you do that.

Here are the common types of mouthguards available to young athletes and a little bit about how they work… or don’t work!


Stock guards are the cheapest option and can be found in just about any sporting goods store. But like most things, cheaper isn’t always better. Stock guards are mass produced plastic trays anyone can use because they’re a one-size-fits-all product.

That’s not going to work well for a child! Mouthguards that are too big are not only uncomfortable, but they’ll slide around and won’t fully cover the teeth when it matters most.


Parents often assume that boil-and-bite guards are a smart choice because there’s a false sense of customization with these products.

The idea is to boil the guard so that you can place it into your mouth and bite down, creating impressions of your teeth that will shape it to fit once it cools.

Unfortunately, these are often too big and bulky, especially for younger athletes. It’s not a bad idea to have one, but only as a backup in case of a last minute need.


As you probably guessed, a custom mouthguard is going to give you the best protection against dental injuries. Your Sand Springs dentist takes precise measurements of the mouth, using meticulous impressions, so the mouthguard will fit perfectly over the upper and lower teeth.

We create the guard with durable material that can sustain powerful impacts, yet it’s sleek and thin enough to feel comfortable and also allow the athlete to breathe and speak with ease.

This customization will make it easier for your child to actually wear the mouthguard, which is, ultimately, the goal so they have the protection they need.

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Your favorite athlete needs to be protected against dental injuries, as well as from direct hits to the jaw and head.

Only a custom mouthguard can provide that level of protection and durability!

So visit your Sand Springs dentist now to keep your child’s smile safe.

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