If you’re like a lot of families, some of your loved ones may find sports gear under the tree. If so, they’ll need athletic mouthguards to go along with it. 

We’ve told you about the importance of wearing mouthguards before. About 5 million teeth get knocked out a year, many of them related to accidents during sports. Teeth get cracked and broken too. If the statistics don’t convince you, maybe this video will. During Kelly Clarkson’s interview with actor Joe Manganiello, he shows how a childhood sports injury permanently changed his smile. 

Instead of buying guards from a store, you should get them from us. Our custom mouthguards are made using impressions of your athletes’ teeth. So they fit much better than store-bought products. Plus, no frustrating boil-and-bite process is ever needed. With their superior fit, they’ll stay in during all the action. And they’ll feel so comfortable, your loved ones won’t be tempted to skip wearing them. 

In addition to sports mouthguards, we can fit you for mouthguards that prevent you from grinding your teeth at night. A grinding habit is not only hard on your teeth, it often causes jaw pain and headaches too.

For athletic mouthguards in Claremore, OK, call LakeCrest Dental at 918-921-9583 today.