Being a parent is tough, to say the least, but having all the facts sure helps making decisions about their dental health and orthodontic treatment plan a lot easier!

That’s why our team at LakeCrest Dental is making sure you know about Clear Aligners Braces in Claremore, OK!

We’re telling you what makes this alternative to standard metal braces ideal for self-conscious teens!

Clear Aligner Braces Are Great For Self-Conscious Teens!

We know the teen years can be really hard, especially when it comes to fitting in and feeling confident. With clear aligners to straighten their teeth, they can experience both!

Here are some benefits you can talk to your child about as they inch closer to starting orthodontic treatment:

*Keep Their Eyes On The Prize*

Even with all the perks of clear aligners, orthodontics can be a pretty daunting for young teens.

So before going into treatment, make sure your child understands what the end result will be, which is a beautiful smile they’re going to love!

When you’re able to help them remember to keep their eyes on the prize, the transition to orthodontics will be a little bit easier.

*Your Teen Can Adjust Easily To Aligners*

Clear aligners offer unique benefits to other, more conventional types of orthodontic treatment that make this strategy for straightening crooked teeth ideal for teens. While summer gives them plenty of time to adjust to life with braces, clear aligners don’t actually require the kind of life changes brackets and wires do:

  • Take them out for easy oral hygiene
  • Remove them when it’s time to eat
  • Wear them for about 22 hours a day, not 24/7
  • Finish treatment in about a year instead of 2 or 3!

Plus, the aligners are nearly impossible to spot, so there’s certainly no adjustment time needed when it comes to how you look wearing braces!

*They’ll Feel More Confident At School*

As parents, we can all relate to that overwhelming sense of helplessness when your child is hurting and there’s not much you can do to make it go away. It’s something you probably see most during their middle and high school years when kids can be pretty cruel about teasing each other.

Most of us go through it ourselves when we’re that age and understand that much of it is fueled by jealousy, pettiness, and immaturity, but telling our kids that does little to soothe their wounded ego and hurt feelings.

One of the best features of clear aligners is that they’re incredibly inconspicuous, so at least your teen won’t have to worry about being teased for how they look with braces! It wouldn’t be right if that were the case, obviously, but it is one less thing your child would have to stress about when it comes to orthodontics.

Start This Summer With A Consultation!

If you’re going to pursue orthodontic treatment for your child, there’s not a better time to get started than the summer. When kids are out of school, it allows you and your teen more flexibility to schedule appointments, which take a bit longer in the initial part of the process, and it also gives you both more time to adjust to some of the changes that come with braces.

But as we’ve already pointed out, those changes are minimal with clear aligners, especially for your teen, because of how easily they fit into their routine, appearance, and lifestyle!

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