For some people, it’s not so much the busy shopping season that will soon be upon us that causes so much stress this time of year.

It’s more about the anxiety and embarrassment they feel about their unsightly smile they’ll have to try so hard to hide.

Today, our team at LakeCrest Dental wants you to know that you deserve better than that!

We’re sharing some reasons why now is a great time to improve your fall experience with cosmetic dentistry!

Fall Is The Perfect Time For Cosmetic Dentistry!

There isn’t really a wrong time to get cosmetic dentistry, but here’s why fall, in particular, is the perfect time to get a stunning smile in Claremore, OK!

*It Can Give You The Beautiful Smile You Deserve*

This season kicks off special events that many people look forward to such as football tailgating parties, fall festivals, reunions, and even gorgeous outdoor weddings.

It’s no time to feel insecure, stressed, or unhappy about the way your teeth and gums look.

You should be able to have a good time, and cosmetic dentistry can give you the beautiful smile that will help you do that.

You deserve it!

*It Can Boost Your Confidence In Time For The Holidays*

No, you haven’t even passed out candy to trick-or-treaters just yet, but everyone knows that once the Halloween festivities have ended, the busy holiday season begins.

What that means is lots of chances to socialize with family, friends, colleagues, and new acquaintances.

From now until the new year, you’ll likely find yourself surrounded by people, and cosmetic dentistry is the perfect vessel to prepare for such situations, both in appearance and self-confidence.

A great-looking smile will help you feel relaxed and comfortable so you can enjoy special holiday gatherings, not to mention you’ll have a beautiful, picture-perfect smile!

*It Can Improve & Protect Your Oral Health*

Some of the common smile flaws patients complain about when they come to us for cosmetic dentistry are:

*Stained teeth

*Gaps between teeth

*Worn down teeth

*Chipped, cracked teeth

*Crooked, misshapen teeth

What’s important to note here is that everything on this list could potentially affect your oral health in addition to the appearance of your smile.

Discoloration could be a sign of a decayed or infected tooth, the shape and position of your teeth will impact your ability to effectively clean your teeth, and surface damage and wear can create access to the inside of your teeth for harmful bacteria.

With dental veneers, cosmetic crowns, and other cosmetic solutions can actually seal these problems and protect your teeth into the future, giving you both cosmetic and restorative benefits for a lovely, healthier smile.

Call Us For A Consultation!

The decision to get cosmetic dentistry boils down to what having a beautiful smile would mean to you.

How would it change the way you see yourself? Feel about yourself? Feel around others?

You deserve to love what you see when you look in the mirror and browse through photos of your smiling face.

Let our team in Claremore, OK help you get the smile you’ve always wanted before the busy social season really takes off!

To schedule a consultation at LakeCrest Dental, call us today at 918-921-9583 or fill out our online form.