Before you pack up the kids on the first day of school, make sure their smiles are ready for success!

Your friends at LakeCrest Dental want to offer some tips to make it easier on you and the little ones and remind you to visit us for your family’s next dental cleaning and exam!

Encourage Good Habits For Healthy Teeth!

We have a few ideas for encouraging good dental habits so your kids have healthy teeth from start to finish this school year:

*Set A Family Schedule*

The transition from summer vacation to the start of school can be rocky, full of drama and chaos as everyone’s inner clocks are adjusting to the new schedule.

But setting a family schedule about a week before the first day of school can work wonders in making it easier for everyone to ease into a new routine, as well as helping your kids establish consistent dental care habits each morning and night.

Work out a list of tasks for bedtime and for the morning routine that includes brushing and flossing so that your kids can keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy throughout the school year and learn responsible oral hygiene habits to carry them into adulthood.

*Work Technology Into Your Oral Care Routine*

There are apps for everything these days!

Look for one that you can incorporate into your family’s oral hygiene routine. Since the ADA recommends brushing for two minutes each time, you can find an app that serves as a toothbrush timer. Or let them choose a favorite song to help them follow the two-minute rule.

You can also purchase electric toothbrushes that come with an app as a built-in feature so you can keep track of their oral hygiene habits!

*Teach Your Kids To Eat Healthy Snacks*

Everyone’s routines are a little off in the summertime, and that can make everyone in the family stray from a healthy, balanced diet.

But once your family gets back into the swing of things after school starts, it’s easier to get everyone back on track.

Teach your kids teeth-friendly habits by encouraging them to eat healthy snacks like freshly-cut fruit and veggies, almonds, and cheese. Taking the time out on a Sunday afternoon to prep these alternatives to sugary, processed foods will help make healthy choices easier for your kids to make and more convenient than taking multiple trips to the dentist office to fill cavities!

Packing their lunch will also help you stay more on top of what they’re eating throughout the week while at school.

*Visit The Dentist Before School Starts*

Along with all the other appointments and errands you get out of the way in preparation for school, visit your Broken Arrow dentist for your family’s next dental cleaning and exam!

We will check for cavities and other dental problems so that your child has a healthy mouth to begin the new school year.

You can also take advantage of fluoride applications and dental sealants to give them more lasting protection against tooth decay and bacteria until their next dental checkup.

Schedule A Dental Checkup!

In a few weeks, it’ll be time for the kids to trade summer afternoons by the pool for bus rides and backpacks as a new school year starts back up again.

That means you should call LakeCrest Dental to set up an appointment for your family’s dental cleanings and exams.

We’ll make sure your little ones can start the semester with bright, shiny teeth and healthy gums!

Call us today at 918-205-4492 or fill out our online form to request an appointment in Broken Arrow, OK.