It’s important to send the right messages when you’re pounding the pavement in today’s job market. If you’re fresh out of college, or are interested in switching careers after years in a job that makes you unhappy, you need a way to stand out as a candidate when you get the opportunity to meet with employers face to face.

A great-looking smile is an effective way to do that!

Not only is your smile one of your most important and noticeable features, but it can send people messages about your authenticity, personality, and if research on the subject is to be believed, even your intelligence and competence!

Let our team at LakeCrest Dental get your smile ready for a new and exciting career with our cosmetic dentistry services in Claremore, OK!

A Great Smile Makes A Great Impression!

Whether you’re already interviewing for your first big job out of college or you’re still preparing your resume to send out to potential employers, you want your smile to leave a positive lasting impression and make you feel great as you enter the job market.

Here are three ways we can help you do that!

*Teeth Whitening*

A white, bright smile looks healthier than a dull, dingy one. And the last thing you want to do is let teeth stains give the impression that you can’t, or won’t, make your oral health a priority!

Skip the cheap, ineffective drugstore whitening products and head to LakeCrest Dental for professional teeth whitening treatment! It’s fast, easy, and safe so you can have a glowing, winsome smile and a boost of confidence in time for those job interviews!

*Dental Veneers*

Worn, cracked, nicked, misshapen, and even slightly crooked teeth don’t have to keep you from making a great first impression with potential employers!

Dental veneers hide a multitude of imperfections that make your smile look dingy, unhealthy, and just overall unattractive.

From teeth stains, to damage, to normal wear and tear, custom veneers conceal it all and radically transform your smile for lasting beauty!

*Tooth Bonding*

Somewhere between teeth whitening and dental veneers is tooth bonding, which is a quick, easy enhancement that can have a big impact on your smile.

A dark, discolored tooth, a few teeth that are slightly nicked or misshapen, and even tiny gaps between your teeth can all be covered up with a tooth-colored resin. We will sculpt and polish the composite so you have a pristine, bright, and even smile.

Schedule A Cosmetic Consultation!

If you’re just about to enter the job market and want to make a great first impression on potential employers, don’t delay!

Visit your Claremore dentist for a cosmetic consultation. We’ll help you get a brighter, more memorable, healthier-looking smile that lets your winning personality shine through!

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