It’s easy to understand why so many adults, no matter how badly they want straight teeth, just can’t bring themselves to wear braces.

You don’t want to look like you’re in middle school, nor do you want to deal with the hassle of all the missed work getting to and from your maintenance appointments.

You don’t have to, thanks to Invisalign at LakeCrest Dental in Sand Springs, OK!

Here are just four reasons adults are thankful for this clear orthodontic treatment!

*Straight Teeth Are Healthier Teeth*

It’s tough to get crooked, crowded, overlapping teeth clean.

That’s because these issues only give food particles and other debris more places to hide inside your mouth. Harmful bacteria takes advantage of that, which is why straightening your teeth and getting them in the right position is a good decision for your dental health, as well as your appearance!

*Treatment Is Shorter*

At this age, wouldn’t you say you’ve waited long enough to feel good about your smile?

That’s another reason to feel thankful about Invisalign!

Instead of the standard two years of traditional braces, Invisalign can be completed in a fraction of the time, often in about a year!

*Smooth Aligners Feel Better Than Braces*

Standard braces are comprised of jagged brackets and sharp, poking wires that scrape against your lips and cheeks and leave painful sores behind. The pressure every time you get your wires tightened is another uncomfortable drawback of braces.

But Invisalign uses plastic aligners that are customized to fit over your teeth, which feel smooth against your delicate soft tissues inside your mouth. When you switch to a new aligner in your treatment series, the pressure is gentler as it continues to move your teeth into position.

*The Results Can Be Life-Changing*

It takes a lot of effort and energy to hide an appearance flaw that makes you feel insecure. Your smile is such a noticeable feature, so trying to hide crooked, gapped, or poorly-positioned teeth is going to take an inevitable toll on you emotionally and physically.

So naturally, having a straight smile can literally change your life!

Those habits that had become second nature, the tight-lipped smile, the careful and guarded movement of your mouth when speaking so as not to let your teeth show, and the involuntary placement of your hand in front of your mouth when you laugh are all suddenly unnecessary!

And you’ll finally be free to be yourself, to feel relaxed, and to pursue everything that your crooked teeth held you back from before you had a great smile!

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Now you understand why so many adults are thankful for Invisalign!

Clear orthodontics are a welcomed alternative to metal brackets and wires, especially since you’ve already waited long enough to have straight teeth and beautiful smile!

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