It’s the season of love, but for some, this time of year is a painful reminder of past relationships that went wrong.

You might recall the emotional torment when you realized it was finally time to call it quits, but in hindsight, you know you made the right decision.

If you think about it, it’s not all that different than when you’re faced with the decision to keep a compromised tooth or to let it go.

When To Call It Quits On A Tooth!

Today, our team at LakeCrest Dental is going to have a little fun with our readers and extend this metaphor so you can better understand why sometimes, calling it quits on a tooth is in your best interest, even though it may not seem like it at the time. We’re talking about times that call for a tooth extraction in order to protect your beautiful, healthy smile!

*It’s Become Too Toxic*

It’s not uncommon to put off things we know are good for us, like admitting to yourself when something in your life is too toxic for your well-being.

Oral infection can develop inside your mouth for a number of reasons, but it all goes back to harmful bacteria, the ‘bad boy’ of good health.

You might have tiny damage or weak spots on your tooth enamel where bacteria can creep in, but maybe you’re too afraid that treating decay, a cavity, or gum disease the bacteria caused will be too painful an experience to make it worth it.

And while denial may feel better in the short-term, it will only cause bigger problems down the road.

If a cavity isn’t filled, gum disease isn’t treated, or an infected tooth isn’t cleaned and protected with a root canal, you may find yourself in need of a tooth extraction to save your smile from the toxicity that tooth has, or will, create for you!

*You’ve Simply Outgrown It*

It’s more complicated than that, but what we’re referring to are wisdom teeth. In many cases, your wisdom teeth erupt in your late teens, and since evolution has rendered them rather useless, getting these molars removed is so common, it’s almost like a rite of passage at this point.

You don’t need them, so sometimes it’s best to take them out, especially to:

*Relieve pain when they’re erupting in the wrong position

*Prevent overcrowding when you just don’t have room for them

*Avoid dental problems if they’re too difficult to keep clean

*It’s Time For Bigger & Better Things*

You know how sometimes you have to let go of something to make room for bigger, better things?

You say goodbye to a relationship that’s run its course, you leave a job where you can’t advance any further, or you throw out a ton of old clothes you no longer wear because it’s time to upgrade your look.

Sometimes, that’s how it goes with your teeth.

Overcrowding in your mouth can pose various problems for your dental health, from making it hard to keep your teeth clean to causing complicated issues with your bite alignment.

That’s when it’s best to remove some teeth so you can make room for a straighter, healthier smile!

We often extract a few teeth to prepare a patient for orthodontic treatment, for example. Crowded teeth are an unsightly problem that can lead to an unhealthy mouth, so when better things are on the horizon, it’s best to let them go!

*It’s Damaged Beyond Repair*

Sometimes, things end because they’re damaged beyond repair.

When you suffer an oral injury that cracks or breaks a tooth, or decay has robbed too much healthy enamel that even a dental crown won’t be enough to salvage the tooth, it may be time to call it quits.

Now, could these problems have been prevented?

In many cases, yes. That’s why we want to see you at least twice a year for cleanings and exams. It’s our chance to catch potential threats at their earliest stages so things don’t progress to the point of needing a tooth extraction.

But sometimes, dental problems can’t be avoided, which is why a tooth extraction can actually be the best way to avoid additional pain!

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It’s never easy to call it quits on a longstanding relationship, which is why letting go of one of your natural teeth is a last resort for highly-skilled dentists.

But sometimes, it’s the best decision for your overall well-being.

The good news is that you don’t have to go through it alone!

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