Your friends at LakeCrest Dental want to give you a head start on improving your smile and boosting your confidence for the upcoming holiday season.

From football games to weddings to costume parties, to New Year’s Eve, it’s going to get really busy really soon! We’re here to guide you through the teeth whitening process so you get the most return on your investment!

How Do Teeth Whitening Products Measure Up?

You want to have a bright, confident smile for the upcoming season, but what’s the best way to whiten your teeth?

Let’s take a look at how a few different methods measure up!

*Teeth-Whitening Toothpastes*

The only reason a brand of toothpaste can claim it whitens your teeth is because the mere act of  brushing your teeth wipes off surface stains!

The real question you should be asking about the validity of such claims is whether a toothpaste’s whitening power is actually noticeable or not.

Unfortunately, you’ll notice little, if any, difference in the shade of your teeth from whitening toothpastes alone.

*Store-Bought Whitening Kits*

Any product that contains bleaching agents, like hydrogen peroxide found in commercial teeth whitening kits, can be risky. Without professional supervision, there’s always a chance of increased tooth sensitivity or abrasive chemicals irritating your gum tissues.

What you can often expect from a store-bought whitening kit is that it contains enough bleach concentration to do damage, but not enough to really make a difference in improving the color of your teeth.

*Going PRO Is The Difference*

Because we’re trained dental professionals, we have access to whitening products that are 7 to 11 times more concentrated than anything sold in stores. That’s how we’re able to remove even the deepest, most stubborn stains from your teeth!

Trust The Safest Teeth Whitening Method!

The safest way to whiten your teeth is at the dentist.

That’s because we first evaluate your dental health to determine the best approach to brightening the color of your teeth.

If you have a lot of restorations, like fillings or crowns, bleaching products won’t work, so it would lead to uneven results.

You may also have discoloration for reasons other than simple food and drink pigments that stain teeth. It could have something to do with your tooth enamel being worn, the result of a dental injury, or maybe a side-effect from a prescription medication that you’re taking.

But if you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening, we offer high-powered treatment that dramatically lightens your teeth in a single appointment!

It’s great when you have an upcoming event and want to look your best, but you don’t have a lot of time.

You can also take home one of our custom kits so you get the convenience of a store product, but can enjoy professional results.

Our whitening systems are strong, but they’re safe! We will make sure your desired color is achieved evenly throughout your smile and that your teeth and gums are protected from sensitivity or irritation from harsh chemicals you might find in other kits.

Brighten Your Smile Now!

The only changing colors you should be enjoying this time of year are the autumn leaves, not the darkening stains on your teeth!

Stay ahead of the social season and schedule your teeth whitening treatment in Broken Arrow today.

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