Replace a Whole Mouth Full of Teeth With Dentures in Sand Springs, OK

Missing teeth have always been a problem, even in ancient civilizations. Given this, it’s not surprising that the invention of dentures can be traced back to 2500 BC. While many improvements have been made over the years, the basic idea is the same. That’s because the idea is a good one!

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These replacement teeth will:

  • Replace a whole mouthful of teeth with a single dental restoration
  • Give you the confidence to smile again
  • Allow you to chew even hard foods, so your diet has greater variety
  • Improve your health by making it possible to eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Fill out your cheeks so your face looks younger

You may be interested in the newest types of dentures, which are attached to dental implants. You may even be able to get your dental implants and dentures on the same day! To see which kinds of dentures will work for your smile, call LakeCrest Dental at 918-205-4386.

Enjoy the Benefits of Dental Implant Dentures

Replacement teeth and dental implants are a great combination. Your new teeth will look, feel, and function so much like your own that you may forget you even have them. Among their benefits:

  • Your bite will be stronger because your implants – not your gums – handle your chewing force.
  • Your implants will stimulate your jaw a lot like your natural tooth roots do, so your jawbone stays strong and healthy.
  • You won’t need adhesive for your replacement teeth, and they won’t come loose.

Consider Other Teeth Replacement Options Too

You may not want implants. You have other dentures options at our Sand Springs, OK dentist office:

  • Full Dentures – You can wear these in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. Your teeth replacements are attached to an acrylic base that sits comfortably on your gums.
  • Partial Dentures – Similar to full dentures, these are a good choice when you still have some healthy teeth.
  • Temporary Dentures – We can provide you with a set of temporary teeth you can wear while your mouth heals, so you’ll never be without your smile.

To hear more about dentures, schedule a consultation by calling 918-205-4386.

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