Get Cosmetic Dentistry Before You Say, “I Do!” [BLOG]

Lots of couples come to us after the holidays to find ways to prepare their smiles for their wedding day.

And we’re always happy to help!

Today, we’re talking about how you can celebrate your recent engagement at LakeCrest Dental!

Engaged Couples Can Celebrate With Cosmetic Dentistry!

We’re excited to help you prepare your smile for one of the most important days of your life with cosmetic dentistry. Here are just a few of the treatment options you have in Claremore, OK you should explore now before your schedule is all filled up with other planning responsibilities:

*Teeth Whitening*

You might have straight, healthy teeth, but maybe you just want to give your smile and confidence a boost in preparation for your wedding day.

Actually, teeth whitening treatment is fast and simple enough to even get your smile picture-perfect for your save-the-date announcements!

Years of dark foods and drinks and other factors can stain your tooth enamel and dull your smile overall. This is definitely the kind of dental flaw that would stand out against a white wedding gown!

*Dental Bonding*

If you’re on a budget and feel pretty pressed for time, like most engaged couples, dental bonding may be the perfect solution to get your smile ready for the big day!

This technique is quick, easy, and affordable. But it also makes a big difference in your smile because it covers a variety of minor flaws, like gaps, misshapen teeth, or slightly scuffed, chipped, or damaged teeth.

We pour layers of composite resin to one or many teeth that have something to hide, smoothing, shaping, and polishing them all to perfection. In no time, you’ll have a brighter, more flawless smile before you say, “I do!”


It’s hard to know where to start for some patients who hate their smiles.

That’s because it can feel pretty overwhelming to have so many things you don’t like about your teeth, you may not know what it would take to fix everything.

It’s even more intimidating if you have a wedding to plan on top of it!

That’s why dental veneers are such a great solution for brides and grooms. In one cosmetic treatment, you can correct a number of teeth imperfections, such as:

  • Discolored, stained teeth
  • Misshapen or worn-down teeth
  • Teeth that look too short or small
  • Teeth that have cracks, chips, and other damage
  • Slightly crooked or gapped teeth

And no, it won’t take months to fix your smile with dental veneers in Claremore! We can design, create, and place your custom veneers in as few as two visits! That way you can move on to other wedding preparations that need your attention.

Call Now To Get Started!

When it comes to planning a wedding, we know how quickly things can become hectic and stressful. Before your list of preparations gets too out of control, make your smile a priority!

We’re happy to celebrate your new engagement with a consultation to explore all your cosmetic dentistry options so both of you look amazing on your special day.

Call LakeCrest Dental at 918-921-9583 or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment in Claremore, OK.