Dental Sedation Eases Fear & Leads To Better Health! [BLOG]

Two of the most common barriers to a healthy mouth are money and fear.

Both can make dental care really stressful, which is why we try so hard to eliminate these roadblocks in Claremore, OK.

Our flexible payment options can lift much of the financial burden, but you have to feel comfortable enough to get the treatment in the first place.

That’s where dental sedation at LakeCrest Dental can help!

The Dangers Of Dental Fear

Why is it so important to get beyond your fear of the dentist? Because dental fear can be dangerous to your oral and overall health in two major ways:


The biggest problem that dental anxiety can create for your oral health is avoidance, when you’re so fearful of the dentist that you can’t keep routine appointments for cleanings and exams.

Typically, patients who fit this category don’t go to the dentist until they’re in pain, but by that point, they face the very kind of dental treatment they’re desperately trying to avoid in the first place.


Even if you’re okay with dental cleanings and exams, that doesn’t mean you’re comfortable enough with the idea of any additional treatment you might need when something goes wrong, like a cavity or infected tooth.

For that reason, fear can force you to neglect your teeth and gums when they need more help than just a routine cleaning. The longer you go without the restorative treatment you need, the more serious and complicated your dental problem can and will become.

Dental Sedation Makes It Easier!

Our commitment to your comfort starts with amenities to make you feel more at home, such as:

  • Water and lip balm
  • Yoga props to reduce stress
  • A soothing eye mask
  • Pillows and blankets

Already, it probably sounds much more like a spa experience than your average dentist appointment. But that’s not the most calming part of our service!

We offer three types of safe, effective dental sedation, all designed to calm your nerves and put you in a state of relaxation for your procedure. You can choose:

  • Laughing Gas – for mild anxiety and immediate relief
  • Oral Sedation – for moderate nerves taken prior to your appointment
  • IV Sedation – for severe dental fear and more complicated procedures

With IV sedation, we’re able to closely monitor and adjust the medication as necessary so that even longer, more complex treatments will be easy and deeply relaxing all the way through.

With the compassionate care we offer, you’ll feel more confident with each easy appointment. Soon, you’ll feel emotionally comfortable at the thought of your dental visits and physically comfortable throughout the experiences.

Take The First Step!

It’s probably hard for you to imagine ever going to the dentist without fear. But we hope today’s blog has inspired you to think about the possibility, especially since you’re now aware of dental sedation and how it works.

When fear and anxiety no longer force you to avoid the care you need, you’ll start to regain control of your oral health and feel great about your smile.

But you have to take the first step and call LakeCrest Dental at 918-921-9583 or fill out our online form to schedule an easy appointment in Claremore, OK.